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~ About the Sinaia resort ~


     Sinaia (population: 14,636), one of the most beautiful mountain resorts of Romania, boasts of a past rich in cultural and social events. Combining natural beauty with picturesque architecture, Sinaia is a former royal residence and bears a holy name. King Carol I of Romania built his summer home, Peleş Castle, near the town.   

     Once a quiet monastery settlement in the Prahova Valley, Sinaia quickly became a booming resort town with the construction of king Carol I`s summer residence, Peles Castle, and the subsequent creation of a direct train line from Bucharest in the late 19th century.
     King Carol I moved to Sinaia to avoid the scorching summer heat in the capital and the nobility simply swarmed to this mountainside city to bask their king`s glory and kiss his regal backside.
     Today, tourists converge on this steep resort town to view the 17th century monastery and Peles Castle.

     Sinaia is also a sportsman`s paradise. The ski season (once it begins) last roughly until the end of April, when shirt-sleeved die-hards can be seen whizzing down the slopes as the snow recedes uphill behind them.

     In summer, mountain bikers, hikers, climbers, swimmers, nordic walkers, tennis enthusiasts can all pratice their craft.
     Sinaia is 48km south of Brasov on the DN1 towards Bucharest. Travelling by train is just as fast and probably safer,taking Romanians`erratic driving habits in account. From the station, climb up the stairs to main road and turn left to reach Bulevardul Carol I.


Sinaia Monastery

Beautiful landscape in Sinaia

Pelisor Castle Sinaia

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